Setting up the command console is very simple. Once you imported the Unity Package in your project go to the folder

GIGA Softworks/CommandConsole/Prefabs

to find the prefabs you'll need:


1. Drag the CommandConsoleManager prefab into your scene. (Mandatory)

2. Drag the CommandConsoleTextUI prefab into your Canvas. (Recommended)

This prefab is required if you want to use the text-based console UI at runtime. (See TextUI).

NOTE: The UI works best with canvases set to render mode: "Screen Space - Overlay" and Canvas Scaler with the following settings:

Canvas Settings

If you use a different Canvas configuration the UI will try to scale and fit, but you may have to adjust font sizes and scaling accordingly. (See Customization).
In alternative you can use a second canvas for the command console with the suggested settings.

3. Drag the CommandConsoleGUI prefab into your Canvas. (Optional)

This prefab is required if you want to use the GUI-based console at runtime. (See GUI Introduction).

4. Open the Unity Input Manager (Edit -> Project Settings -> Input Manager) and add the following inputs:

Input Name Suggested Key Required
ToggleCommandConsole \ If you imported the CommandConsoleTextUI prefab
ToggleCommandConsoleGUI F1 If you imported the CommandConsoleGUI prefab
CommandConsoleAutoComplete Tab If you want to use the autocomplete feature

NOTE: The Input names can be changed inside the Input Manager of the CommandConsoleManager prefab:

Input Settings