Font size is too small/big

You can change the font size in the customization skin assigned to Text and Graphical UI (see Customization)

When I type something in the console, it triggers other key inputs in my game.

You should block game inputs in your input manager when the console is open or input fields are focused by using the provided flags:

  • CommandConsoleManager.IsOpen
  • CommandConsoleManager.IsInputFocused

I don't want to see all the commands in my scene, how can I filter them?

You can use Namespaces to define which commands will be available in a specific scene (see Namespaces)

Can I duplicate an exixting command, instead of creating a new one from scratch?

You can use the Command Browser (Tools -> Command Console -> Command Browser)to duplicate a command by pressing the Copy button next to it.

  public class MyInputManager


    void Update()