The Text UI (see Text UI features an intelligent autocomplete feature that helps you insert commands quicky.

To use the autocomplete feature you must define the CommandConsoleAutoComplete input in the Unity Input Manager (see Setup).

The autocomplete will suggest you both command and parameter names, making commands typing a lot easier ans quicker.

NOTE: Autocomplete doesn't work in the Editor Console.

Using dots in commands string

You can use dots (.) in your command strings to better organize your command in a "Class.Subclass" fashion. When the autocomplete finds a dot inside a command string, it will suggest only the text prior to the next dot. For example:

Given the commands:

  • Player.Move
  • Player.Rotate
  • Player.Shoot
  • Enemy.Move
  • Enemy.Spawn
  • Enemy.Shoot

Pressing the autocomplete key with an empty prompt will return only the strings Player and Enemy.

If the text in the prompt is "Player", the autocomplete will return Player.Move, Player.Rotate and Player.Shoot